Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Story-Pt. 6 Back to Missouri

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We stayed pretty calm, considering we were living in a new place and now had no job, ha ha! We decided pretty quickly to pretend it wasn't happening until after Christmas, and to continue making the most of the time we had. After discussing our options, we figured moving back to Springfield, Missouri was the smartest move for us. My Aunt and Uncle owned a house there that was vacant, so it was a good opportunity for us to be able to keep a roof over our heads while Russell looked for work. 

Life moved on. They were tough financial times, for sure, but we just kept pushing on, expecting and hoping for the best! There were also some really special things happening during that time. Chandler had the opportunity to participate in the Cultural Celebration before the opening of the Kansas City Temple. The kids and I were also able to get up there for the open house, which was a wonderful experience!

Makenna turned eight, and that means she was able to be baptized! 

 The cutest...

And in May, Mariah graduated from high school. It would have been difficult for us to get there if we'd lived in Arizona, so we definitely count this as one of the blessings of being in Missouri! Texas just isn't that far away, so we made the trip to be there to celebrate with her!

Russell was offered a contracted position with Expedia, the travel company, as a trainer. He took the job and was really great at it! We decided that meant it was time to settle down, so in August, we bought a house. 

We finally owned a house that we could comfortably fit in. We had plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms and a huge back yard to play in! It's in a good school district, we love our church congregation, and we even have storage in the basement. 
We just needed Russell to be hired on as full-time.

And he Dallas.

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