Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chirp Chirp

Oh, goodness. Where do I even begin?

It looks like I haven't blogged since 2013, but that's not the case. I tried to have a "more professional" blog for a couple of years. I paid for a template, for hosting, all of it. I worked for hours and hours and hours creating a blog that looked professional. I read countless articles and posts from other bloggers about how to do it right. I had a special binder with all of my notes, and I went for it!

For a while things were going pretty well! I was gaining readers, I was happy with the way everything was coming together, and I even did some sponsored posts. (Getting free stuff is always fun!)

Then, after a couple of years of working endlessly to build something, money got tight. I truly didn't have the funds to renew my hosting and do the things I needed to do. I watched, helplessly, as my hosting expired. I counted days, reworked the math, and prayed that I might find a way to renew. I called my hosting company and tried to work with them, and then I had to watch as my blog simply disappeared from the internet.
All of that work. All of those memories. I still have the pictures, of course, but the recorded memories-gone.
And I cried.

I gave up for a while. I moped for a year or so, and then started a totally unrelated business. I make wood signs now, and own a small business called Ferns and Ivy. I've really been happy with it, and am making money, but I miss blogging. I miss recording all of the day to day memories of my family.

Chandler is leaving on his Mission in 10 days. He'll be spending six weeks in the MTC in Mexico City, then two years in the Utah-Provo Mission, Spanish Speaking. Oh, how I wish I had all of the memories of the last four years.

I have to try not to think about that, though, because I truly can't do anything about it. What I CAN do is try again. Professional or not, I'll be sticking to Blogger, because after all this time, my old, amateur, original blog is still here. I won't risk losing it again, and I'm happy enough here anyway.

I've also started a blog for Chandler's mission, so click here to keep up with his Utah adventures, and welcome back, friends.

Welcome back.

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