Thursday, August 2, 2012

EFY and the Almost-a-Typewriter Laptop

I am writing this post on Russell's old laptop, with a huge emphases on the word OLD. It's seriously old. the problem is, I pretty much hate working on the regular computer. It's old, too. Beyond that, the dear children have installed things on it that make it run super slow, and I just get cranky when I try to work on it. In a perfect world, I would have my very own private Mac book Pro, and nobody else would be aloud to touch it.

We don't live in a perfect world, so for now, I will work here, on the "so-old-it's-almost-a-typewriter" laptop.

Much has happened since my last post. First of all, I finally just embraced my do-nothing Summer.  It has been super hot here, and with no pool, we pretty much stay in the house all the time.  It's even been too hot to go to Silver Dollar City. We're down to two weeks until school starts, though, so we're starting to scale bedtime back, in an attempt to get ready.  Right now, it's 11:44. Russell is in Dallas, on business, and we face-timed for family prayer. Then I put the children to bed. I hear a whole lot of "not sleeping" sounds right now, but I don't really care.  We're all night owls around here, except for Chandler. He's the lone early riser in our family. I figure, if I can't get them sleeping good by the time school starts, getting them up at 6:30 should do the trick. Within a couple of days, they'll be settled right back in.  In the mean time, we stay up late, sleep fairly late, hang out, eat, watch T.V., play the Wii, watch the Olympics, and I crochet. Very laid back around here. I suppose that's not so bad.

Next week Chandler gets to go to EFY in Nauvoo.  I can't even express how excited I am for him.  When I became a mother 14 years ago, I had a couple of plans. One was that all of my kids would play the piano. (Working on that one) Another one was that they would go to EFY, every year if I could pull it off.  Since they have to be 14 to attend, this was the first year Chandler could go.  Well, if you remember, in December Russell lost his job. In January, after our move back to Springfield, the first thing I did was get online and sign him up.  Most of the people around me thought I was spending money I shouldn't, at a time when we were looking for work, and maybe they were right, but I don't regret it for one second. I will give my children every opportunity I can possibly give them to feel the Spirit of the Lord, to grow their testimonies, to give them this chance to grow and thrive away from me and from home.  That last one is a big one.

See, I am a stay-at-home mom. I haven't worked outside my home in the last 11 years.  It hasn't always been easy, but for me, it has been worth it. The only thing that I have noticed, on occasion, is that my kids seem to be really shy and sometimes slow to step up and take initiative.  I have often wondered if maybe part of that was that they have always had me around, and have never really HAD to step up, or take control of anything. Mom was always there. 

A couple of weeks ago, in Sunday School, the teacher had a "panel" of people who had served missions for the church sitting up front. At one point she asked the panel "What are the best things we can learn, or teach our kids, to prepare for a mission?" One of the men spoke up and said two things. Other than the obvious things, like know the scriptures, etc., he said our kids need to learn a)to work, and b)to thrive away from home. In that moment I knew, without a doubt, that sending Chandler away, to Nauvoo, Illinois, all alone, was absolutely the right thing to do.  He doesn't know anyone else who is going, and this will be such a great chance for him to learn to be in charge of himself.  In this safe environment, surrounded by hundreds of other youth and wonderful leaders, he will grow by leaps and bounds. I know this.  I've known it for 14 years.

I can't wait.

I know that this post hasn't been all that entertaining to read.  There aren't any pictures, or any exciting stories or funny quips. But I'm here to keep this record for my kids.  I started to try to keep a handwritten journal again, and probably will continue to do so for some things, but my goodness it's slow! Writing takes a long stinkin' time!  Blogging is a MUCH faster way for me to keep up, and now that I have the almost-a-typewriter, I'm back!

I just need to figure out how to use Photobucket or something so I can still add pictures...

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