Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today is day two that I have sat around, in my PJs, and done NOTHING. It's not my favorite feeling. As a matter of fact, I rather dislike it. Summer teases with images of the beach, even the pool. Sunshine, lemonade, grilling and fun. For many reasons, this summer hasn't delivered so far. What HAS become the norm is sleeping in WAY too late, eating whatever, whenever, and bedtime free-for-alls. Again, not my favorite. So, routine must be reinstated around here, in order to maintain sanity for all. Starting tonight, a "strict" 10:00 bedtime will be inforced. Also, a rise-and-shine time of no later than 9:00. Sounds crazy late, right? Not around here. Today, for instance, the earliest riser, aside from dear Russell, got up at around 10:40. Did I say WAY too late? Yeah. Part of the problem is certainly me. Mornings and I just don't get along. I'm trying, by golly, I promise. One day we'll be the best of friends, surely. Just hasn't happened yet. But I shall not give in! I shall prevail! Starting tomorrow, things around here have got to shift back by a few hours. And another thing, we have to dress. None of this staying-in-our-PJs-all-day business. Once in a while, fine, but we've got to start living every day. Living. That's what it's about. Not just letting life pass us by, but being there. Being a part of all the life there is to live. So we will.

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Anna M said...

I hear ya, sister! Summer is crazy lazy and I am determined to make something out of it as well.

Something other than a bunch of cookies that I will inevitably eat! ;)

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