Friday, November 4, 2011

Pictures Galore (Playing a Bit of Catch Up)

It's been a little over a month since our big move to Arizona.  Things are going pretty well, and overall I'm doing awesome.  Much better than I thought I would be.  I miss my parents and other family terribly, and yesterday I had my first sort of cryng fit since the move.  That's really it, though, and that's good.  One crying fit in a month isn't bad, right?
The night before we were supposed to pack up, Russell got very sick.  He was sick all through the night, and was pretty worthless the next day.  He just had to stay in bed.  Thank goodness for Pop and church guys!!

The morning of the move, I was feeling a little anxious and concerned.  I was taking out some garbage and noticed a clump of clover growing outside our backyard fence.  I decided I was going to find myself a four-leaf clover.  And I did.
As I was going to get lunch, I decided to snap one more picture of our little house in Texas.  It was a happy home, in it's own way...
Jennifer, my sister-in-law, and her kids put together bags of goodies and things to occupy my children on the drive.  Thanks guys, you're the best!
Kiwi rode in the crate, next to me in the passenger seat.  She was really scared for a while and rode with her face stuck in the corner.  Kind of pitiful, isn't she?

When we arrived in Phoenix, we stayed a week with my sister, Shannon's, family.  The kids swam and did lots of trampolin tricks. Here they are with Jaiden, Shannon's daughter.  Her son, Tristan, was probably at baseball or football practice.
I told them all to "Jump, and make a great face." This is what I got:
I realize these pictures could have used a little touching up and cropping, but I'm just glad to get them blogged, so....
Next time I'll try to remember to do my touching up ahead of time.

We took an afternoon and went to the Arizona Science Center.  The weather was beautiful, and we even got in free with our Texas membership.  Yay!
They have this thing where you put these headbands on and try to move a ball by relaxing your mind.
So funny to watch.
Russell lost every time.
The kids got to disect a cow femur.  No really.  They pulled out veins, marrow, and did all sorts of completely disgusting things.  They loved it.

We realized that we have, here in Gilbert, a "Diner, Drive-in, or Dive" of our own. This place was featured on that Food Network show, and so we had to go check it out.  We ate outside and thought the food was really yummy. A little pricey, when you're feeding seven, but where isn't?

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went to the Temple Visitors' Center for the afternoon. As we were walking around, this wedding party came out for pictures. I have no clue who these people were, but I absolutely fell in LOVE with her blue wedding dress!! Hint, hint, Makenna...
Last week was our Ward Fall Festival.  We watched movies outside, ate Chili, Cornbread, Popcorn and Cotton Candy, played games and had a Trunk-or-Treat.  It was loads of fun, and it's nice to start recognizing some people from church. (Although that was made more difficult by the ones who dressed up)
We got our van all ready, and it looked awesome.  We think next year we need a light...
Not sure what Conner's doing here, but it makes me happy.

Halloween night Chandler didn't want to deal with makeup and everything again, but Russell told him that he couldn't trick-or-treat if he didn't have a costume on, so he sported the wig and went as an old man. (He is morphing into a real teenager right before my eyes)
A few streets down from us, they host a block party every Halloween.  This year they showed "Goonies". (love that movie)  Everyone sits around and eats, laughs and visits, while the kids go off trick-or-treating and reaking havok.  We love that the weather allows for that here.

Yes, I'm alive and well. I just rarely make it into a picture.

And so is Russell..
He walked around, as the kids ate candy, forcing those apples into their mouths. What a good dad!

Sunday evening we carved our pumpkins.  As I type this, I'm thinking about how I need to go throw them away, before they're completly rotten and stuck to the porch.

Not sure why some of these pictures look so grainy.  I need a new camera.  I've found that camera's don't much like being dropped in the lake, or drenched in tornados, very much. (Both recent experiences of mine)

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween this year!  We're ready for some Holiday spirit around here, aren't you?
Goodbye, scary pumpkins, until next year!

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Tori said...

those pumpkins are awesome!!! miss you guys!

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