Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OK, So Really

Guess what?  Seriously, guess.

If you guessed that we got the job, and we're moving to the big A.Z. than you win!!

Indeed, we're moving to what was once lovingly refered to by myself and my family as "Mordor". 
So ready.  We're outta here!
Now, here's the question of the day:  Where to live?
We know that we want to live in the East Valley, but I'm pretty picky about neighborhoods and schools and such.  I've sort of settled on Gilbert, and we're really hoping that it will all come together.

Did I mention how excited I am? 
Cuz I am.


Eden said...

Congratulations Ashley and Russ!

Good luck finding the right house in the ward that's meant for you. Most of my Phoenix friends are from Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler. And the Allisons in Queen Creek are Adam's cousins.

How soon will you be able to move? Will Russ head out first while you sell your home or will you all go together? More details!

Ashley said...

We're going together within a couple of weeks. We're super excited. When I lived there, I was in North Phoenix, but we're moving to the East Valley. Gilbert, hopefully.
We're super excited!

Thompson Family said...

Congratulations!!! I'm really excited for you guys. Good luck with the move - wish we were there to help!

Alyssa Muller said...

OK...I tried to post a comment a week or so ago but it was from my phone and wouldn't go through. Sooo...I have to tell you, I'm so excited!! PLEASE move to the west valley!! We LOVE it over here in Peoria and I would love to have you close!!

Tori said...

you guys better send me;)

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