Monday, August 22, 2011

The Second Stage

As of today, I have officially entered Stage Two of Motherhood.  Stage One is that little baby to little kid stage.  I entered that stage on July 2, 1998.  Today, August 22, 2011, I left that stage and entered the next one.  Today, my fifth and youngest child, started Kindergarten.  I'm sitting here, at my desk, and the house is quiet.  There's no Spongebob coming from the other room, and no "Can I have some more chocolate milk" every few minutes.  It's just quiet.  Really quiet.

I'm not one to cry at the beginning of the school year.  I love it when the kids go back to school.  I think it's good for them, and it's good for all of us to get back into a routine.  We need that around here. 

And I didn't cry today.  I dropped off my kids, Makenna with instructions to help Conner find his way, and they walked into that school holding hands and ready to take on the world.  (I think it's easier on my kids not to walk them to class)

But now, here I am, in Stage Two.  This stage when my kids are still little, but nobody's at home.  They're all in school, and my days are free. 

Did I say that?  Free!  There's so much I can do to fill this time, and I intend to do it!

Happy school year to you all!

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Kristy said...

You're so LUCKY! Macy starts school next week, but I still babysit 3 other kids, so no alone time for me yet:( Have enough fun for both of us! My kids do better when I just drop them off also, if I'm there they get sad. It will be interesting when Macy starts next week. Not sure how we are going to do that morning drop-off!

Hopefully your freetime will include lots of blogging;)

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