Monday, April 18, 2011

How I love school pictures.  Really, I do.  Even when I completely forget that it's picture day and nobody's dressed up, and their hair is all over the place. 
That said, I don't buy them.  Sad, but true.  I don't. They cost WAY too much. 
Just don't judge me for taking pictures of my kids' pictures.

Last week we headed back up to the lake.  We took the kids out of school, got some hot dogs and smores makings, and off we went.  Unfortunately, it had rained quite a bit last weekend and the water was freezing, so we didn't do much swimming.  Well, I didn't do ANY swimming.  I stayed in my chair, with my book and my diet Coke.  Mmmm, perfect. 
 Caden and Russell spent the entire afternoon out on this rock with a couple of fishing poles, a couple of drinks, some grapes and cookies, and a tub of worms.  They caught a few fish, but only kept one to cook.
They had a blast out on their rock.

 Yummy smores.  One of my very favorite things in the entire world.
 Yes, there is indeed a fish on that table being prepped for cooking.  I made them go prepare it at another table.  You can barely see the other kids in the background.
It was a small fish, but this was a lesson in fish cookery, and it was a job well done, or so they told me.
I don't eat fish.

Can I just tell you a little something about me?  I love the sun.  The sun is one of my very best friends, and although I do enjoy a good rain (especially a thunderstorm) now and again, I can only stand to go sunless for a day or two before I start to miss it dearly.  Today has been humid, rainy, and dark, and I'm ready for the sun to come back out.  They say it's going to...

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Tori said...

oh my goodness! cadens pic looks so much like tyler!!!

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