Friday, April 1, 2011

What the What?!

  Has it really been over a month since I posted? Holy moly!
Well, I guess I have a little update to get to.

Chandler participated in the District Academic UIL competition in March.  He competed in Social Studies, Dictionary Skills, and Spelling.  He competed as an 8th grader, even though he's in 7th grade, and won the Bronze in Spelling!
Congratulations, Chandler!!
Kiwi has found a new favorite place to nap.  I'm sure Jill, the Gerbil, just loves that.
Notice that you can't see her anywhere...
Pinewood Derby comes and goes, and as fun as it is, it exhausts me every time.  This year Russell was working, and I had a tooth pulled that day, so my wonderful Dad took Carter and Caden.  Oh, how I love my Dad!
Carter's Car
 Caden's Car
CJ and Kiwi had their "we don't want any babies" surgeries a few weeks ago. We had loads of fun watching them deal with their "cones of shame".
CJ was determined to make it through the doggy door. Sorry dude. That would be trying to fit a round "peg" into a square hole. Lol.

 And Kiwi, poor kitty, handled it even worse than CJ.  She wouldn't lay flat with the cone on, so she hung her head off the side of the bed.  Silly cat.
They survived, and healed, as it's all just a bad memory.
 This picture speaks for itself.  It's perfect.
Last Saturday Tyler, and his girlfriend, Candice, came and spent the day with us.  We ate a super yummy lunch at Chuy's, rocked a little Guitar Hero, and had tons of fun hangin' out with them.  Love you guys!
I bought a scanner last month, and have been having so much fun scanning all of my "pre-digital" pictures.  This one is one of my favorites so far. 
Caden, at about 6 months old.  Tell me you don't just want to eat him up!
That's about all I have time for tonight.  Merlin's on, and I just LOVE that show!

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Barbra Moore said...

Love the pictures Ashley! Did you tell Caden that you put a nudie picture of him on your blog? My boys would freak (but I don't care muahahahaha). Love reading your updates. We need to hang out sometime! Seriously!

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