Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rowesburg-January, 2011

Job Hunting
Cooking (especially fried stuff)
Wishing he didn't have to drive so far to work, BUT
Thankful to have a job
Watching Chopped, Iron Chef America, Worst Cooks in America, and any sport on TV
Professional Kid-Wrestler

Ten half-finished projects at any given time
Getting out of the house every day, even if it's just for lunch
Being "Aware"
Blogging (and reading blogs)
Playing games on her phone
Reading teenager books
Soaking in her last child before he starts Kindergarten in the fall

Acting in school plays
Getting more social every day
Epic Mickey and Zelda-Spirit Tracks
Wonderful example to his siblings
Joking around and sarastic
Unrivaled desire to be good
Too Smart for his own good

Always the jokester
First to need braces
Looking more and more like Tyler
Great singing voice
Falling head-over-heels in love with our cat, Kiwi
Desperately wanting to get a Husky or a German Shepherd
Serious temper, and hates to lose
Keeping us laughing
Very affectionate
Unorganized, but smart as a whip

Little Guy with a ton of heart
Very spiritually alert
Has his first crush at school
Wanting to play football this year
Loving to help cook
Fantastic helper around the house
Going to Cub Scouts
Can be as loud as someone three times his size

Girlie Girl
Very Social
Knows exactly what she likes, and doesn't like
Running errands with anyone who goes
Big girl outings with her sister, Mariah
Six, going on Sixteen
Missing her cousing, Savannah

Ready and waiting for his first year of school
Total Momma's Boy
Entertaining himself
Spongebob, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Fish Hooks
Deepest dimples ever
Creeping into our bed during the night
Needing a trundle bed
Talking to himself
Knows everything already

CJ (the Yorkie/Maltese Dog)-
Learning to potty outside
Deciding to bark at the sound of the doorbell
Tackling the cat
Growing every day

Kiwi (the cat)-
Believing we all live to make her happy
Wanting to venture outside
Traumatizing Jill the Gerbil by sitting on her tank and staring at her
Trying to sneak food

Jill (the Gerbil)-
Chewing up everthing we put in her cage
Living alone, since she killed her sister
Living in fear of Kiwi
Wishing she got a little more attention


Thompson Family said...

Loved this post! :)

Tori said...

so i pretty much cried when i read this. i love your little family:)

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