Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ready, Freddy

OK, people, I'm ready.  Russell and I have been praying about our future, and we are both really feelin' the vibe.  Yep, this one.

We're ready.  There was a time when all I wanted was to move back to Arizona.  Then, after I got married and had my kids, I got kind of a more Midwestern attitude, and I was pretty comfortable there.  I do still love the "middle of the country", but man, I have really begun to remember all the things I loved about that desert out west.  Things like:

The Mesa Temple at Christmas time.

 Is that so awesome?  Also, at Easter:
Sorry, the "ad" was the only good picture I could find.  But, what a great place to feel the Spirit!
And there are many cool places like the Painted Desert:

 The awesome red rocks:
 And, I mean no offense to any other part of the world, but nobody has sunsets like the desert's: 
 If you've never been to slide rock, you're totally missing out:
 And, to top it all off, should you ever get tired of the desert, you're only a couple of hours from places like this: And how can I even express the love I have for this place?
And even this, in the winter time:
Yes, friends, I'm feelin' it.  I'm ready.  Why must we have work to survive?  Again, I ask, anyone know of a good job out in the A.Z.?

1 comment:

Kristy said...

I hope this happens! I will definitely listen for jobs! Jon has one (but I know it's not near enough money unfortunately). I'm excited!!!

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