Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cranky Santa and Christmas PJs

We decided that this was not the REAL Santa, but one of his helpers, because the REAL Santa wouldn't be so hurried and cranky.  This "helper" didn't even ask my children what they would like for Christmas.  He simply tried to get a picture and rush them on their way so he could get to the next ones.  When I said "Hey guys, did you tell Santa what you would like for Christmas?", he acted a little put out and said "Ok, one thing, one thing".  Still rushing the children away, I hurried to relay their great Christmas wishes myself. 
Indeed, NOT the real Santa.  Someone needs to notify the North Pole that this helper needs to be replaced.
(In this picture, Mr. Helper is instructing Chandler to put his hand down.  Yes, heaven forbid we look like we're having fun. (He IS twelve years old, sir.)

Every year I try to get pictures of the kids in their Christmas PJs. This year, although there are many takes in which the kids are posing nicely, this one is my favorite. 
It's so "who they are", you know?

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We sure did!

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