Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing Catch-Up, Again

I have been extremely lazy about blogging lately.  Way too lazy.  So, because I know I'll never be able to truly catch back up, I've decided to do a photo essay.

Here goes.  (Take a deep breath with me.)

Makenna lost her two front teeth in September.  She's still toothless, although we have been to the dentist for her cleaning and they assure me that they're coming.
 Caden was baptized on September 11.  He was so excited and thrilled.  What a blessing he is to our family.  Caden is extremely spiritually minded, and it is so awesome to see him able to participate in this ordinance.  Congratulations, Caden!
 Carter turned 10 years old on September 26, and we had a quiet, family birthday party at my parents' house.  Happy Birthday, Carter!

 Here is a kid who wants nothing more than to play football outside with his dad, and will sit on the curb and wait for Russell to pull up.  
 One of the local nurseries here, Calloways, has a little fall festival every year.  I took the kids this year and they planted grass, decorated pumpkins, and ate popcorn. 
 Decorating for Halloween.
 Waiting for Grama Nette to pick us up, Conner climbed the tree in the front yard. (With a little help)

 Chandler has loved participating in Cross Country this year.  I think he's crazy.

 One of our family traditions is to head back to Springfield a week or so before Halloween.  We hang out with family, do the fun fall activities, and enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. 
The first day there, Russell and I took the kids over to the park and walked, played, and laughed at the ducks. 
 While we were there, Russell and I were asked to be witnesses for a wedding!  This was the sweetest couple, who had tried to plan a wedding and kept having issues.  Finally they just decided to get married and have a party later.  Good for them.  It was so obvious how much they truly loved each other, and it was a blessing and an honor to be able to witness their wedding.
The next day we met at Bass Pro Shops.  It is just the coolest store.  I have been to the BPS in Oklahoma City, Branson, and two in Texas, but none of them are as cool as the original one in Springfield. 
 We headed over to Bandana's for some yummy barbeque.  The weather was gorgeous and we ate outside, which made lunch with 12 kids (and one teenager) so much easier!
 That afternoon Russell and I took our kids to the Rutlidge-Wilson Farm.  It's a great place to go spend an afternoon, and it's free!
Russell made friends with a cow.

 Friday night we went to Spooktacular at the zoo.  So much fun!  I wish the zoos here in DFW would do something like this.  They do a little "Boo at the Zoo" thing, but it's during the day.  In the words of Carter, "Who wants to trick or treat in the daytime?" 

 Somehow I didn't get pictures of Carter.  Good thing Halloween is next week!
This year we decided the grown-ups should dress up, too.
Pop and Grama Nette:
Russell and I:

 Billy and his groupie Jen:
 Carter and Karlie:
 Chandler and Kaitlyn:
 The whole gang:
 Makenna and Savannah:
 Caden, Jimmy, and Carter:
 Steve, Serena, and they're kiddos:
 Even Sophie was festive!
 Saturday we went over to Kickapoo High School, where we had more fun, thanks to one of the clubs at the school. 
 The kids got fake wounds:
 Face painting:
 And the most fun part of all?  Steve and Serena have some neighbors who rescued a couple of orphaned kittens.  It just so happens that one of these little ones was exactly the cat I wanted!  (A long-haired, female tortoiseshell)  So-
meet Kiwi (yes, it did say Dutchess before. We changed it):
 She's probably around 4 1/2 to 5 weeks old, too young to be away from mom, but mom is nowhere to be found, and she is doing well on a supplement.  She's even taking it out of a bowl, so I don't have to bottle-feed her. 
I guess that about catches me up.  Kind of lame, I know, but I feel much better now.

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Rachel Peacock-Young said...

I must say I am completely saddened by not seeing you in Springfield. Looking at your pictures I wonder how many times we crossed paths without knowing it. I live 2 blocks behind Bass Pro, I went to Sppoktacular, drove Bandana's BBQ at least 100 times a week. Really? I did not see you. This must not happen again!

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