Friday, August 6, 2010

Sum, sum, summertime

Whatever was up with my camera seems to be all better now.  Crazy, huh?
Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter now.  Since I was able to transfer my pictures, I really needed to update the old blog.  Sadly, as photo-extensive as this post is, I'm only about half-way done.

Here we go:

In June, my Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Those who were here took them out to Abuelo's for dinner, and they were given a month-long trip to Utah.  We missed those who weren't here! 
We were lucky enough to have my sister, Shannon, here with her daughter, Jaiden.


I just couldn't resist snapping this shot of Caden.  He sure does love babies.  Even ones he doesn't know.

While Shannon was here, we treated ourselves to a summer pedicure.  Yummy!  Makenna and I are supposed to go get one every year around her birthday, because it's right at the start of summer, but we waited until Shannon got here.  Makenna was the only "kid" lucky enough to come along, and, boy, did she eat it up!  Just look at her with her purple chair and her very own Sprite.

My Chandler turned 12 on July 2.  Did you hear me? 12!  I can't believe that much time has passed since was just like this:

We were leaving for our big Summer vacation right after his birthday, so he agreed to forgo (is that how you spell that?) his friend party this year and we just took it easy at home.

Oh, how we love red frosting...

On the 4th we headed down to Alvarado, for the annual Rick Rowe family 4th of July bash.  Tons of fun, and the only injury that I ever heard about was Caden's.  He stuck the punk to the back of his leg.  For those of you who don't, or can't, do fireworks, here's a punk:  It's what you light your fireworks with...
you "light" the fat end and then it just stays lit, like a coal.  Fun times.

Before all the fireworks began, the kids had fun on the trampoline.  Always a good time.

This is what we call "teaching little boys how to blow things up".

Ready for battle:

And what spells summertime like a giant slice of Watermelon?

A couple of days later, we headed off on our vacation.  We made a pit stop, on the way to California, in Arizona, to save one hotel night.  The first day we went up to see Gigi (my Grandma) and then back to Aunt Shannon's house.  Of course, I couldn't pass by Swensen's (right by Metro Center, for those who know) for the yummiest Bubble Gum ice cream EVER!

The next day we headed west.  The drive from the Phoenix area to San Diego is so amazing.  So many different things to see.

Oh, and plenty of these guys.

At one point on the drive you're only 100 feet or so from the border fence.  Oooh.

First day on the beach, and the lesson learned:
"You're not in your swimsuits kids, so don't get your clothes wet."
Did you catch the lesson I learned?

That first night, at like 11:30, the moms made a grocery trip to Walmart.  This is what it looked like:

Russell and Mariah flew in on the 2nd day.  Forgetting the lesson I had just learned, we headed down to the beach "just to play in the sand". 

Our Gigi, who made it all possible.

That afternoon, after we got smart enough to change the kids, they stayed OUT of the water and did this:

On Monday we had our traditional "Peterson Family Olympics".  I tell ya, there was a SEA of red shirts.
(How do you like that clip on the top of my head?)

Somehow I didn't get pictures of my sister's family.  I know she did, though, so I'll add it later.

My family:

Part of the aforementioned "sea".

By the time we left, we had some excellent boogie boarders!

No, just kidding.  That was a little joke for my family...
Really they were dolphins, and we saw them off and on all week.  Cool.

We also saw California Sea Lions, Starfish, a dead (thankfully) Jellyfish, tons of Sand Crabs, and there was a report of a Stingray.

And this is what Russell looks like when he's about to take out a bunch of girls.

Pop did a little snorkeling, but it wasn't the best beach for that.  Later some of the family headed up to La Jolla and had better luck.

One of the locals.

On our last day at the beach, Uncle Billy helped Caden (and Conner, but I had no camera!) to catch a couple of really great waves.

That about covers our trip to the beach.  I may come across some other pictures and I'll add them to my next post.  Our family took a couple days to go to Disneyland, of course, and we had a day at the San Diego Zoo.  I'll report on those later, because I'm tired, and I have a fever.  True story.

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MO Sisty said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time, and I had fun looking at all the pictures of so many of your family members that I know and love. I didn't know Bill and Minnie celebrated their 50th; oh how I miss them. I've been telling Kelly that she and I need to head to Dallas in Oct. for TOFW. Dorothy Warren just moved back there, too, and my nephew's family, where he just started his medical practice.

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