Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My, I need to update.  With school starting, pneumonia, and the return of Misty, things have been pretty crazy around here.  Finally, though, it's all starting to settle down.

Back on August 23, the kids headed back to school.  I totally spaced on taking their "first-day-pictures", which just kills me!  Chandler is in 7th grade, Carter is in 4th, Caden is in 2nd, and Makenna started 1st.  I still have Conner at home for another year, and I don't know what I'll do with myself next year when I'm all alone.  Crazy.
So far, everyone seems to be doing really well.  We really do have great schools here so far.  That makes it really nice.

So, is this the most boring blog post you've ever read?  I hear ya.

Jen, over here, has suggested that we, her readers, think of a word, ONE word, that best describes us.  Wow.  That's tough.  So I started to kind of think about it, and there are many words that come to mind, but none of them seem to really fit ALL of me.  Parts of me, yes, but not the whole of me.  I still haven't decided on one.  It's just very hard.  I was reading Jen's post on this subject and when I read her word, independent, it struck me.  My word. 


Pitiful, isn't it?  But so true.  I rely so heavily on others.  My parents, especially, and Russell. 

It isn't coincidence that I live in the same neighborhood as my mom and dad.  No, that was intentional.  I need them close.

Now, I don't think that my word, or any one's word, is one that we have to be stuck with.  My word describes me perfectly, but it's one I'd like to change a bit.  It's not that a certain degree of dependence on others isn't OK, it's just that I am TOO dependent on others. 

This "find your word" project has been really good for me.  It could be good for you, too!  Find your word, whether you decide to share it or not.  What word says the most about you?  (And, no, you can't just pick a "good" one)

Thanks, Jen, whom I've never met!


gabe said...

Stopping by from Jen's word linky

it was hard to come up with a word. . .wasn't it. . .

It made me look at the good, the bad and the ugly in myself. . . not always a "fun" project!

Sue said...

What an honest and frankly, delightful post. Remember, too, that being dependent has features bordering it that are positive: being open to others, for instance; being humble enough to accept help; being teachable; seeing the value in others; having respect for others, etc.

I think every so-called negative trait comes with positive features. And vice-versa.

Thanks for getting me thinking!


jen said...

Fun to read someone who is my complete opposite. I see so many good things from this post--close to family, loving and caring.
Thanks for taking the challenge. It was hard, wasn't it?

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