Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We're all finally back home after weeks of vacation.  We had a family reunion in San Diego with all of my dad's side of the family.  There were only a few missing, and we had around 85 people there.  A week of Disneyland, time on the beach, sandcastle building, boogie boarding, and watching the amazing southern California beach life.  (Sea Lions, dolphins, starfish...) 

Unfortunately, my camera went all wiggy on me.  For some reason, it won't register any battery power, even if I put brand new batteries in it.  Ooooh, it makes me cranky.

So, until I figure out what to do about that, I had to pirate some vacation pictures from my family's blogs and facebook pages.

This is what it looks like as 85 people try to say hello to each other:

Of course, only a small fraction of the people are actually in this shot.
The "guest" of honor, of course, was our Gigi, without whom this never would have happened.

This is a shot that was taken in Newport Beach back in 1988, I think.  I'll have to double check the year.
This year we decided to recreate that famous shot:
We were only missing one cousin that was in the original picture.  Pretty fun.

We spent a couple of days just hangin' on the beach, and perfecting our sunburns, before the Jim Peterson part of the clan headed up north to Disneyland.

After two perfect Disney days, we headed back to San Diego, and to the Zoo.

We had a couple more days on the beach, and then went to Arizona for a week or so of fun in the "Valley of the Sun".  I do have some pictures of that, but have to figure out my camera first...

We had a wonderful trip, and are now back in the humidity of North Texas, waiting patiently for the right job to come along, so we can REALLY settle down.  In the valley, maybe?

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