Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We spent the last couple of days up at Lake Texoma with my parents and my brother, Billy's family.  It was seriously hot and humid, but, at the lake, that's just fine. 
We headed out Friday after school, and Russell met us later, after he got off work and picked up Mariah.  (Tyler got a job near his mom's house, and had to work.)
First order of business-get the tents set up.

Later that first night, we wanted to eat at a restaraunt right there by where we stayed.  After waiting for what seemed like forever, we decided to head back to camp and make some hot dogs.  The kids tried to stay busy while they waited.

Conner and Jorden
The older kids played games.
I think the biggest hit of the weekend was the new tube Uncle Billy got. 

Russell, Conner and Mariah

Kaitlyn, Jimmy and Chandler
And during:
Caden, Pop (my dad) and Carter

Russell perfected the art of skipping rocks.

Conner spent most of his time playing in the sand.  Sometimes Jorden was with him, but much of the time he was content to be all alone.

We did a lot of "pasting" the children with sunscreen.  I can't say that it did as much good as I would have liked...

The sand is always a big hit.

After a long day on the lake, it was great to just sit back and relax.  The sun started to go down, it got a little cooler, and I taught my kids some camp songs.

And who doesn't love a good game of "Telephone"?

When the sun was gone, it was time for the "scary" stories.

Kaitlyn                                                                   Jimmy

The terrified listeners

It's always kind of an early morning when we camp.  I did manage to stay in my tent until around 8:30, which is super-duper late for camping.  That just means my kids are growing up.  I don't know if I'm supposed to laugh or cry about that one...

And on day two, when the sunburns started to show up, some of my fair-skinned kids spent their day covered up. 

Makenna built a sand castle, complete with a moat.

We spent extra time doing this:


Even with all the "pasting", some of the kids got too much sun, and tried to hide.
Carter made friends with a cold, wet paper towel.

Kaitlyn and Karlie did a bit of dancing on a rock.
Then it became a game of "pull each other off the rock".
Chandler, about a second from being dethroned.

And, after a fabulous couple of days with my wonderful family (we sure miss the ones who aren't here!) the Rowe family headed home.  Mom and dad stayed with Billy's family for the rest of that day, and came home later that night.

Bye, Pop!

What a wonderful, relaxing weekend it was.  Thanks, Pop and Grama Nette,  Billy and Jen!!

And, for those of you who noticed, YES, there are pictures in existence of my mother, my sister-in-law, Jen, and myself.  They are not here for a reason...


Tori said...

this makes me sad...

ryerye006 said...

Oh my goodness I had so much fun that weekend! I love the pictures! :) And I also love your new picture at the top of all of us! :)

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