Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cute things

About a week ago, I decided to go ahead and redo Makenna's bedroom.  I had intended to paint first, but I figure we'll move before too long, so I decided not to mess with it.  I left the walls like they were, and just pulled out all of the decorations I bought like 2 1/2 years ago.  No, really, it was before we moved here.

I redid her name to match the new bedding.  Love it.  And the boards over her bookcase, I totally copied off of these from Pottery Barn.  Only I spent a total of about $40, instead of over $100.  I plan to add to it if she ever has a bigger room...and I may just go with solid colors...
When I took these pictures I hadn't finished her dresser, so I still need to get a picture of that.

Now for some totally Sophalicious cuteness:
Super wet, but super cute.

This afternoon, Russell was home and we took Conner down to the neighborhood pool.  I didn't get in today (I took all the kids by myself yesterday) but sat on a lounge chair, with a book and a camera, and soaked up all the cuteness.
There's nothing cuter than a man and his little ones.  Especially when they're mine.

And when it's time to dry off, just wrap up like a mummy in a Mickey towel. 

I just love all of it.

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Thompson Family said...

very very cute! I love the stone wall!

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