Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy as a Bee

The last few weeks of May are always pretty crazy around here.  We have two birthdays, Memorial Day Weekend, and the end of the schoolyear, which, all of you mothers know, is INSANE!
Last week I took my five kids, along with my nephew, Jorden, and we went to the Dallas Zoo.  It was hot and humid, but I won't complain, because it was nothing compared to what it'll be in a month or so. 

Saturday we had a Primary activity.  "Journey Through the Book of Mormon".  It occurred to me as I stood watching my oldest helping and guiding my youngest, that it was his (the oldest) last Primary Activity, and his (the youngest) first.  It made me teary-eyed...

This is our year for "friend" birthday parties, so Caden decided to make it a Shrek day, since the movie opened on his birthday.  He invited some friends for ice cream and then to see the movie.  I think he really had fun with his buddies.  More on that later...

Can't believe he's 8.

Last weekend Russell and I took the kids, and Sophie, and headed up to Lake Texoma to do some hiking.  We found a great trail that kind of borders the lake, and although we barely made a dent in the trail, we had a really happy day. 
These are my favorite times.  Just us, and nothing but each other to keep us busy.

I'm bummed this picture came out fuzzy, because Sophie was actually about 15 feet ahead of me.  She kept turning around to make sure I was coming.  Love that.
Not sure what Caden's doing here, but I love the picture anyway.

The only cactus, that I know of, that grows around here is the Prickly Pear.  I just love the flowers that grow on cactus.  It's such a great contrast.
One day, when we're loaded, I'm going to get a really good camera.  I love to take pictures, and I wish I had the equipment, and the know-how, to take really great ones before my kids are all grown up.

Makenna also had a birthday this week, but we put off having her party until next week.  I'll get to it...

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