Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Does It Say?

Lately I've thought a lot about my home, and what it says about me.  You know what I've decided?  My house says "pretty", but that's it.  There is very little in it that truly MEANS anything to me.  I have pretty things on the walls, and sitting out on tables and shelves, but only a few things that are dear to me.  Granted, this house has hardly any walls to work with, but I'd still like to take out some of the pretty and add some meaning.  Meaning can be pretty, too, you know.
OK, these are the pictures that are hanging in the dining area.  Pretty, yes?  Meaningful?  Not so much.  I bought them at Hobby Lobby. 

My dad really loves this picture.  Maybe he should hang it in his office.  It's nice and all, but just not really the vibe I'm looking for, you know?  I especially like the gerbil cage there at the bottom.  (For the record, I happen to LOVE those gerbils.)

Now, this I like pretty well.  I really need to have some good pictures taken to fill it, though.  I bought this frame, matted, because it would hold pictures of all seven of our children, plus a picture of Russell and I.  It's good.  It can stay.
Super boring, super old-fashioned, super bad hair.  Again, I like the idea of having a family picture hanging in the kids' hall, but this one?  Really? I'm thinkin' no.
One of these little metal things hangs over each side of my bed.  They're OK, I guess, but I really couldn't care less about them.  They're just filler.
Are you ready for this? This picture came in one of the frames I used for the dining area.  It just happened to match my bathroom.  BORING!  And in this picture it doesn't even look like it matches.  (It really does, I promise, but that's not enough to earn it a special place in my heart.)

This I think is pretty, but I REALLY want to replace it with a picture of the temple.  I know the one I want, I just can't buy it yet.  Someday, though, little flower picture, you're outta there!  Maybe you can find a home in my bedroom, because I do think you're pretty.  We'll see.
My toilet nook.  (Do you feel like you've totally invaded my space?)  The two little pictures.  Dumb.  Pretty, but dumb.  As for the floral arrangement, my Grandmama bought it for me, so it stays.  I do think, though, that I'd like to hang it on the front door, instead of in the house.  It's very pretty, though, and special, so it's worthy.
And this, I love.  A lot.  It's my favorite.
I just need MORE things I love, that's all. 

Is your house full of things you love, or just things that are pretty?  I've realized recently that my taste is changing a bit.  I want my home to be beautiful, for sure, but it's more important that it reflect who we are, as a family.  I want you to be able to walk into my home and know exactly what matters most to me.  I want my kids to know. And they will, because it will be right there, on the walls.

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