Thursday, February 18, 2010

My days

Several days ago, Misty dug her way under the fence. She came back, but she looked like this:
We'd had a bit of rain and snow, and she apparently "scootched" out on her left side. First question: Does that mean she's left-handed?
I bathed her, non too gently, and ended up giving her an ear infection from the water sprayer. Oops. Way to make me feel bad!
I got her all cleaned up, patched the hole, cleaned the carpet, and all is well.
Next question: Should it really be this hard to peel a carrot?

Can we at least AIM for the sink or the trash? That'd be great.

Next question: Isn't it about time for a haircut?
Easy answer to that one. Yep.
The ghostly blur in the background is just Carter running by. Cool, though.

Next question: Am I totally insane for doing this all by me onsie?


All's well that ends well, though. Not insane.

Close up of my fabulous idea: I've decided each year I will print out the yearly theme for the youth. I printed and framed it to match the boys' room. Love it!
For the record, I also did one for Makenna's room. And her frame is white, not yellow.
And for those of you who are observant enough to think "What about the OTHER boys' room?" There isn't one. All four boys are in one room.
Maybe I'm insane, afterall...

1 comment:

Joella said...

Love it. We are in the process of repainting Kennedy's room.

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