Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Updating

OK, to continue our update:

Mom and I took a very spur-of-the-moment trip to Branson/Springfield, Missouri the weekend before school started. We went to this cool new place in Branson. We were only able to do the mirror maze, though, because the "Castle of Chaos" was broken. If you like scary, check it out! We were so bummed to miss it. Maybe next time...

We met my brother, Steve, and his family at a very yummy sandwich/pizza place in Branson West. So great to see them!

Steve with their youngest, Ryan, and Mom.

Steve's wife, Serena, and Ryan.

Their oldest, Savannah, and Makenna-they're BFFs.

Their "middle child", Jake, and Conner-they're "buddies".

Just a very cute picture of Ryan.

That night, Savannah stayed with us and we played mini-golf.

"Duitar" (Guitar)

Yep, in Arkansas they have "Live Bait" vending machines. Awesome.

August 24th was the first day of school. Chandler's in Middle School now and starts an hour before the others. As horrible as it is, I totally spaced getting his picture! I just kicked myself when I realized it. Anyway, on to the others:

Carter-3rd Grade


Caden-1st Grade

Everyone had a great first day. A couple of things have happened this week, however, that are worth noting. First, Makenna had a fire drill, was terrified, and cried for the next three days not to go to school. She's better now. Second, Chandler got DETENTION! Yep, middle school detention. Apparently, he just didn't know when to stop with the silliness and sarcasm. He is pretty upset about it, so I went sort of easy on him. I did make sure he understood now what is expected of him, and also that he understands it won't be so easy if it happens again. Wow. detention......who'd have thought?
Last Saturday Russell had to work, but the kids and I went out to my in-laws to celebrate our Niece, Hannah's 16th birthday. Everything was very normal until my sister-in-law, Eva's sister, Linda, and her son, Austin, showed up with the Karaoke equipment. It was all downhill from there...
Family friend, Nate, serenading Hannah.
Just imagine it...
"I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale"....

Nephew, Jake, and Nate.
"I can show you the world, shining,shimmering, splendid..."

"Popular, you're gonna be popular"

Jake and his girlfriend, Charlie.
How cute are they?

Makenna and Caden enjoying some yummy candy. Tired from swimming.

Jake and his dad, Russell's older brother, Rick.
"Sweet Home Alabama"

This looks really tender, but it was hysterical.

We had a blast. Who doesn't love Karaoke?!
And that about brings us up to date. I'm sure I'll think of something else to talk about, but for now, I bid you goodnight.

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Tori said...

where is a post about that night with us at incredible pizza?? you forgot about us. oh wait, you forgot to take pictures, now i remember.

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