Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Answered Prayer

Have you read my last post? If not, read it first.

This morning, after I took the kids to school, I came home, got dressed, picked up my mom, and headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was to be a beautiful day, sunny skies, light breeze, and a high of about 81. While feeding the birds a seed stick, I got a phone call from the elementary school. It was a very nice lady, who hated to inform me that my 9-year-old son, Carter, was being suspended for the rest of the day. He had decided to "use the restroom" out at recess. Suspended for "exposure". (For the record, he did hide and nobody saw) I was shocked and so embarrassed. Since I was over an hour from home, my dear dad left work and picked him up.
On the way home I received another phone call. This one from the middle school. Chandler would be receiving another detention for being tardy to class. He (Chandler) explained to me that "it wasn't my fault. I was at the library and the line was long."

I came home feeling like a total failure as a mother. Have I not taught my children not to relieve themselves in public? Have I not explained to Chandler about "maybe you can't go to the library before school if it's too late."? I don't know.

I sat down at the computer and went to Mormon Messages on YouTube hoping to find an answer. I found one. Here is what I found, and here is the full message. Read it. Maybe it's something you need to hear as much as I did.

The Church is true, you know.


Thompson Family said...

That was really beautiful. Thank you for posting it Ashley. I really needed that! There are many days when I feel like a failure as a mother or I wonder what I need to do and how I need to do it. It can all seem a bit overwhelming at times, but Pres. Eyering's words help show where the focus needs to be and how to start the day right! Thanks again!

ambychappy said...

I love how your last sentence is so "matter-of-factly". I think a blog is a great place to share the gospel and much of October's Ensign talks about that. Thanks for sharing this link. My heart was touched.... Just what I needed to hear at the end of my day.

Tori said...

wow, ashley, you really have your hands full with those kids. good luck! lol

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