Wednesday, July 15, 2009


OK, maybe you've noticed that I haven't been here in a while. Remember the storm a couple of posts ago? During that ordeal, my camera was in my back pocket. Now it's toast. So I have no camera. There are few things I hate more than being cameraless. I sort of lose my blogging enthusiasm when I have no pictures to share, but I need to keep updating until I get a new one.


On July 2, my Chandler turned 11. That's right-11! I can't believe he's that old already. We had a small family day that day. Russell was off so we took the kids and went bowling and to lunch. I got my first turkey! (Three strikes in a row) That night we picked up a yummy ice cream cake and brought it home. It was a really easy, happy day.

We had a family reunion on the fourth of July. It was with my Grandmama's family. We were gathered at my (second) cousin's house in Arlington. Not too long into the day, Grandmama fell and broke her hip. Mom, my brother Billy (an ER doctor), and I all went to the hospital with her. The rest of the day was spent there. I did get home in time to watch some local fireworks, and it was actually sort of peaceful. Russell had taken the kids from the reunion out to his parents' house for fireworks, so when I got home I was all alone. It was good to sit in the car in the Walmart parking lot and watch the fireworks in the quiet. It gave me a moment to really be grateful for this country and all that it offers.

Two days later, as Grandmama was healing in the hospital after surgery, Dad, Russell, the kids and I headed to Springfield for a little vacation. We drove around recalling the happy memories we have there. It truly is home. I hope to move back next year. We visited family and went to Silver Dollar City twice. By Thursday, Grandmama was struggling a little and so we decided to cut our trip short and head home Friday morning.

We got home Friday evening and Dad and I headed straight to the hospital. I spent all day, every day there for the next three days. Since then Grandmama has improved and is now in a rehab hospital in Plano. (A much better drive than Arlington!)

So that's the update. There are a few pics of the reunion on Chandler's new camera he got for his birthday. If I get around to figuring out how it works I'll try to add some.

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