Saturday, May 9, 2009


Tonight I'm thankful. I'm always thankful, and I don't really know why tonight I feel extra thankful, but I do. Maybe it's because:

Last night was our ward's Father and Sons Outing. (An overnight campout just for dads, and grandpas, and sons) My brother, Billy, took his son, Jimmy. Russell had to work until 6:00 so my dad took my oldest three boys and he just met them up there when he got off. I am thankful for a dad who's willing to go camping with my kids when their dad will be late, and I'm thankful for a husband who will, after all day at work, drive straight out to spend time with his boys. They love him so much, and I love it when they spend time together.

I got to see my doctor, and he acted like my "issues" are no big deal. He's confident we can "fix it", and was so awesome to talk to. I'm thankful that I found a good doctor and that I live in a time when we know so much about the body and have ways to fix it when it.....malfunctions.

Tonight Russell has gone to bed early because of his late camping night last night, so I was sitting at the computer reading blogs. I'm thankful, like you haven't heard this one before, for bloggers. For the ones who share their lives, and also for the ones who share their knowledge. Particularly, tonight, for several who share what they know about food storage and other things I know little about. They help motivate me and guide me so that I can "prepare every needful thing" for my family.

Last night severe weather passed through southwest Missouri, where I'm from. I'm thankful for cell phones, so that I could call my brother, Steve, and check on my loved ones there. I'm thankful that they were all kept safe from the storms, even though there is a bit of clean up to do.

You know what else makes me thankful? I'm thankful every time I hear Conner say "I'm Sersy" instead of "I'm thirsty". LOVE IT! I hate it, though, when all of the sudden they figure out how to say it right.

Tonight I'm thankful. And happy. The Lord has blessed my life so much, and I know that sometimes I get so involved in life that I forget to notice all of these "tender mercies". They're everywhere, everyday.

And I'm thankful for my mom.
Happy Mothers Day.
To Mom, and to all of you.

OH, YEAH! AND I'm thankful for dimples!!!

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

I have to admit - I looked at the pictures first. And I thought "look at all of those dimples!" Then I read that this was the point... I would be greatful for them too. So cute!

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