Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing and Haunted Houses

Chandler is growing up. Last week he mowed the yard for the first time. He really did a pretty good job. He did tend to cut the corners too shallow and leave little tufts of grass there, but that'll come with time. So proud of him! I guess it's kind of nice to have a tiny yard when you're the one who has to mow it!Now, let me say, this is the coolest thing ever! My two stepchildren, Tyler and Mariah, live in a small town north of Ft. Worth. In this town is the coolest house I've ever seen. It's empty, totally neglected, and sadly, falling apart. It sits on a beautiful piece of land on a hill, and you can see the top turret of the house from just about anywhere. We don't know who owns it now, but whoever it is-shame on you! At least offer haunted house tours or something!!

I swear these pictures don't do it justice. When I was there I just wanted to stand there and stare at it. It is so majestic and just awesome. There is so much foliage around it that you can't see it from every side, but I'd love to clear a lot of that out and see it from the front. They do keep it mowed, so somebody is aware of it. It has an old iron fence surrounding the property. I just love it! I just can't figure out why they don't do something with it. What a great tourist attraction for that little town.
Hey, maybe I should send Chandler out there to clean it up!

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Jeanette said...

That house is Awesome!

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