Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the Groove

Tonight is Russell's last night of school for the semester. Yippee! He's pretty worried about his final, but he'll do great. He's smarter than he gives himself credit for.

I'm so ready to have him home every night. The other night when he was here I took a walk at about 8:00 in the evening and it was so fabulous! I took my ipod and listened to General Conference. So awesome.

It's been over a year since I really listened to country music. I think, when I moved, I just couldn't really find a station I liked, so I just listened to rock (not hard) or the kids' stuff. However, as storms have passed through southwest Missouri over the last weeks I've discovered that I can listen to KTTS online! That's my fave country station in Springfield! It's so nice to hear all those familiar voices again. During the bad storms, which they do an AMAZING job of covering, I sat at my desk, closed my eyes, listened to the "KTTS Storm Team" and pretended I was there. Crazy? Maybe, but I loved it! So now, from NE Dallas, I use my computer to hear a station I actually like. Next time you hear of a storm passing through the Springfield, Missouri area, click on this picture and get in on the fun!
Got Makenna all registered for Kindergarten a couple of days ago. Now THAT'S crazy! This fall I'll be down to one kid every day. Wow. What will I do with myself? She's so ready and so excited.
Got a new calling with the Wolf Den for cubscouts. That's Carters' den. Cool. I was ready for a change, so this will be fun.
For your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd add this picture. It is my sweetheart and I, taken around November of 1996. I was still 19 years old, just a baby. We were at the Branson awards show. Like the Oscars or something for Branson, Missouri. (I don't remember exactly what it was called.) We had a great time. Probably our first "official" date. We were married the following February, now 12 1/2 years ago. Man, I love him.

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