Thursday, April 9, 2009

Making My Way

We've lived here now, in Texas, for just over a year. I've spent a lot of that time missing Missouri, planning the future, anticipating change, and finding fault with Texas. On and off I've committed to learning to like it here, and have had some success, although I still fight with missing some things.

But I've recommitted myself again! I have to try to see "this place" the way I saw it before I moved here. I was so excited to get here and then immediately got homesick.

As I read blogs, often of people that I don't know, I'm really starting to find that happiness is indeed a choice. I read blogs written by women who live in Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Washington D.C., and southern California. I've lived in Arizona and Missouri, and there are things to love and hate about both, as I'm sure is the case with most places, but each of these women seem to focus on what there is to love about where they live and they make the most of it. I'm gonna do that, too!

So, let me tell you: The city I live in, north of Dallas, is indeed very pretty. We are just far enough to the north and east (in the state) to have good trees. I love trees. The schools here are fantastic, and parent involvement is really high, which is great! We've moved into a good ward (which is a big deal) and we seem to fit in pretty well. We're still getting to know people, but I feel pretty good about it. We're right in the middle of the country, so we can pretty much go wherever we want. Our home, although only slightly bigger than our last one, is MUCH nicer, and in a way better neighborhood. (Our last house was in what we affectionately called "the hood") AND we have landscaping! There is great shopping here, and plenty of things to do, and we've only scratched the surface with what we've actually done. There's a temple here, which is awesome, and I think it won't be too terribly long before there's another one. It's more expensive to live here than it was in Missouri, but still cheaper than much of the country.

Oops, I compared it to Missouri-my bad.

So-it's good. We're good. Things are going to be fine here. Even great. But it's mostly attitude, don't you think?

A lesson (I think) I've finally learned. Thank you, my fellow bloggers, for your examples!!


Thompson Family said...

Justin and I were just talking about this last night. We don't love Texas and we really miss a lot of things about Utah. You are right though about how it's so important to have a good attitude. No matter where you live, it's what you make it. Thanks for inspiring me to recommit myself to see more of the good in Texas!

Gale said...

In my married life I have lived everywhere from New York to Texas and I have had a blast in each place.
I agree, each location has it's good and bad. Every week when my husband and I go out on our date we think.....this totally sucks, there is nothing to do here, but there are too many good things about where we live to let that effect us.
So we don't have the best restaurants or shopping......thats ok.

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