Monday, March 23, 2009

Safely Gathered In

Chandler and Russell left early this morning for the big, three-day, 5th grade trip to some place called Sky Ranch. I'm so glad that we planned ahead so that Russell could go as a chaperone. This is good for him. I just got off the phone with them and they're having a blast! Physical challenges, skits, campfires, mini golf, cabins with central heat and air, and pillow fights with about 20 5th grade boys at bedtime.
I hate it, though, that when any member of my little family is away the house feels wrong. Incomplete. Something's missing. I'm beginning to understand why my mom was often sitting up in the family room as I came home after a dance or some other outing as a teenager.

One of my most favorite feelings is the one I get when I kneel down to say my prayers at night and I thank my Father in Heaven that all of my family is tucked in and safe. It makes all else right.

What a wonderful gift it is to be a mother. In honor of my children, some random memories of the last year:

And in honor of the man who gave them to me:

I love you...

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Thompson Family said...

What cute pictures! Your kids are so adorable.

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