Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Caden

When Caden was about, oh, almost two, maybe, he started coughing at night. Now, I have asthma, and have had it all my life, so I know what it is. It didn't seem like asthma to me, but that was what everyone else thought it was. It took months, almost a year, to get it under control. When we moved to Texas, we happened upon the best asthma/allergy doctor ever. We ran allergy tests and started Caden on immunizations. (Made necessary by his allergy to fire ants) The doctor said that he believes Caden's coughing is due to Reactive Airway Disease, not asthma. It can be a precursor to asthma, but isn't as bad because you can breathe, you just cough. So that was good news. Caden was taking a couple of daily medications to help, and they did. But because I'm cheap, and I wasn't wild about having him drugged all the time, I laid off of the medicine. He seemed to do just fine without it. He's done great for months.

Friday morning he had a headache. I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to school. They called a couple of hours later and said he had a fever so I had to go pick him up. I did. He was fine all the rest of that day, as long as I kept his fever down. By Monday the fever was gone for good, but his eyes were red and watery. Home from school again.

Tuesday the coughing started. It always does, any time he gets sick. It's so strange because he's fine. He's fine. He'll just cough, out of nowhere. It comes in fits. He'll cough for 30 minutes and then be fine again for a couple of hours. It seems worse at night, but that may just be because everything seems worse at night.

I hate it. I try to count my blessings, because he CAN breathe. But as I've been writing this post I have heard him coughing in his sleep. I keep praying it won't wake him up. I put him back on his medicines, but it may be too late for this round. I think I'll keep him on it now and see what happens. Being on constant medicine is worth it if it will keep him from having to do this.

Do I sound pitiful? It's OK, really. It'll pass. Like I said, I am so thankful that it isn't something scary. That, no matter how much we hate it, it isn't going to hurt him.

Sometimes I feel like he got all the problems, but then I tell myself that there's something special for him to do here. He's such a joy. His preschool teacher called him Jim Carrey. He truly has a facial expression for everything. He's so funny. He will do great things in his life. He's my middle child, and I love him!

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Gale said...

I believe so strongly that we are each given the exact set of circumstances in our life that will best help us fullfil our potential. He is a special boy who will do great things because he has grown from all these struggles. When my oldest went through having no friends all through elementary school my heart ached and I couldn't understand...why her. She is so much the better for it so you are right...he will do great things in his life.
Oh and I hope you have a great time in okc...I just read your comment today. Have a great time....there is not much to do here???

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