Monday, January 12, 2009

Carter and Tomorrow's Fun

Last Saturday was Carter's baptism. He was so excited! Everything went very smoothly and the Spirit there was so strong. Even my kids felt it. While Carter and Russell were dressing we passed around note cards for guests to write Carter a little note. I'm so glad we did that. Some of what was said was so thoughtful, and I know that these cards will be forever cherished.

I'm so very proud of you, Carter! You've taken the first major step in obeying our Father in Heaven and I know that He is so pleased. I hope that your faith and testimony grow each day and that you continue to choose the right! I love you!

One very cute story about the service: We watched part of "The Lamb of God" video and we had just gotten to the part where the Savior is crucified. It was so quiet, as we all sat, reminded again of all that He suffered for us. Just as they laid Jesus on the cross I happened to glance down at Makenna. I could tell that she was just in awe. I looked back at the screen just as they laid His hand down and placed a nail on it. (Of course it doesn't actually SHOW anything else) But I heard her little voice, urgent and pleading, say "no". I had done OK until that point, but when I heard that I just lost it. No wonder we are commanded to "become as little children".

--OK, big subject change--

Up until last night at about 9:00, my gallbladder and I had always gotten along just fine. I did my thing and it did it's thing. Last night I sat down on my bed to write in Carter's journal and felt a little twinge of pain. I got up and took some symethicone, thinking that would help. Within about 15 minutes I was really hurting. I took three Ibuprofen. Then I started to lose my cool. I began fidgeting and tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. I would lay down, then sit up, then go out to the family room and sit on the couch. I just couldn't get comfortable. At about midnight I decided I'd had enough. I took myself to the hospital. At that point I didn't even care if they told me it was just gas, I just wanted some drugs. Blood work and an ultrasound later-it seems my gallbladder has gone mad. It stopped doing it's job efficiently and subsequently caused me this great pain and strife. So tomorrow, I'm kicking it out. It is no longer welcome here.

In the meantime-I do have some really great drugs...

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