Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pomegranates and Principles

I have so many things I could talk about today, but I'm going to hold it to two subjects. I apologize ahead of time for my lengthy post.

Do you know what these are? A few weeks ago I wouldn't have known. Truly. However, in the last few weeks I have heard much ado about these little fruits.


I have heard tell of them three times in blog talk, passed a HUGE stand of them at the grocery store and read an article about them on a news website all in the last month or so.
Then , get this: Yesterday we went to a Christmas thing in Flower Mound. The kids rode a train and after that they were given suckers. Caden received a sucker with a wrapper I had never seen before. That's right. A pomegranate flavored tootsie pop. Naturally, I licked it. It was very yummy, although I'm pretty sure that's not really what a pomegranate tastes like.

Sometime this week I'll be buying a pomegranate. I'll have to "google" how to eat them. I'm a little nervous about that bright red color all over my children, but we're going to do this. We are expanding our horizons.


This topic is a bit more serious in nature. First I want to give a shout out to a blogger friend. I've never actually met her, but I have great respect for her and here's an example of why: Lately her girls (she has four) have been having "friend" struggles. Very normal for young girls, but she wisely used these trials as an opportunity to teach Gospel principles to her daughters. I thought a lot about that for the last couple of days, but am still struggling to get it done in my own world. First of all, in order to teach, you must first listen for a need. Here's my long story, are you ready?
Last week the Relief Society and Priesthood met together. To make this possible the youth taught the Primary kids. (I'm not sure if "taught" is the right word) Anyway, apparently, the two twelve-year-olds who were in charge of Caden's class started arguing about who got to teach the lesson. Caden got very upset and started crying. So some older boys brought him to us and he sat with us for the rest of the day.
Skip to this morning.
All morning (our ward doesn't start until 2:00) Caden kept coming in my room while I was working on my RS lesson. He would say "Do you think my normal teacher is going to be there today?" I'd say "I don't know" and send him away. He'd come back five minutes later "Do you THINK my normal teacher is going to be there today?" I'd get a little put out and say "Caden, I don't have any idea who's going to be at church. Just don't worry about it."
"But, just do you THINK?" Finally I said "Yeah."
Then he left. I forgot about it and went on planning my lesson. After Sacrament meeting, as I was dropping the kids off at Primary, Caden said again "Mom, is Brother King here?" I affirmed that he was, and all was well. All of the sudden Russell looked at me and said "I wonder if he's so worried about it because of what happened last week." THEN I got it. THEN, when he had already gone to class, I got what he'd been needing from me all morning. I realized, too late, that he had just needed reassurance because last week had upset him so much. I needed to listen, not just to what he was saying, but to what it MEANT.
So, between my blogger friend, with her wonderful example, and my own little realization today, I am now fully committed to listening with more intent. To seeking the needs of my children so that I can teach them.

And to eating a pomegranate.

(You know who you are-and I thank you)


Gale said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of the pomegranate!! I LOVE them and have been eating them voraciously since I was about 3 yrs old. Right now my island in my kitchen has a dish filled with pomegranates and limes (i put the limes in cause it looks so pretty all green and red!) We eat them every day. Thanks for your thoughts on my post. It was a hard week for my girls but they bounced back quickly.
I love the picture at the top of your blog. So cute!! You are a great Mom!

Since you live so close one day when we come to Dallas we will meet!

Ashley said...

Sounds great!! My husband is working on his masters, and we've been discussing "what to do" when he's finished (one more year). I'm not sure about the job market in OKC, but it's one of the places we're going to send resumes to. It's such a great location for us-right between family in Missouri, Texas and Arizona.

Gale said...

What is he getting his masters in? What field of work is he looking at?

Ashley said...

He's getting an MBA. I don't know that he's really got any particular field in mind. His story is sort of a long one. Acting is his true love. However, after working in that field for about 7 years, and being poor, and having 7 kids to take care of, and a wife who wanted to stay home and care for the 7 kids, he decided he'd better get "a real job". His bachelor's degree is in communications with a Theater major. That's great, if you're going to be an actor...So he's gone back to school. He's working for AT&T right now, and helping an old friend start a business called Timelink Media ( He's currently taking care of the business stuff, while his friend concentrates on the production stuff. Anyway, we're not sure if that's a long term deal. He'd really love to get somehow involved in the arts again, only on the business side. We'll see...
Sorry about the novel.

Cheryl said...

i can't believe you never heard of pomegranates! in 7th grade my algebra teacher cut one up for some kind of algebra lesson. i just remember it being a big mess. i do drink the POM juice though that you buy bottled at the stores.

yay for one more year of school! my husband was in school 10 of the 12 years we've been married. so glad that's over. i'm glad your husband realized that acting can't support such a big family (most of the time). glad you get to stay home with them :)

do your mom and dad still live in AZ?

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