Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ok, well, last night I got a lot of sleep.
I feel like my life, and those of my family, would be better if I got up earlier in the morning and got myself together before the start of the day. Generally I'm the dreaded "my mom brought me to school in her PJs" mom. So-last night I intentionally went to bed earlier than usual. It was about 10:20 when I got into bed. I probably fell asleep by 11:00 or so. Nine hours later I rolled over groggily, checked out the clock and said (out loud) "What the heck?"
Now-Wednesdays are special because Chandler has ALPHA on Wednesdays. That's our district's version of the "gifted" program. (I HATE the term "gifted" but I guess that's a post for another day) So, on Wednesdays Chandler is supposed to be at school early to catch the ALPHA bus. So-what I'm saying is that I got all three boys up and dressed in ten minutes. TEN MINUTES! Even I was amazed. And thank goodness for Pop Tarts on these days.
As I've gone through this day, marveling at my sleeping ability, I have wondered what all of you, my blogger confidants, do. If you don't mind, leave me a comment and share your morning with me. I want so badly to have the motivation to get up, get dressed, and really have "a morning". So motivate me! I even want to have scripture time with the kids in the morning instead of at night. I think it would better prepare them for their day. I have yet to ever pull that one off.
It just seems that no matter what time I go to bed at night, I still manage to sleep until the last minute.

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Gale said...

I used to wake up early and read for about an hour. I would then make breakfast and have a nice relaxed morning. This past year I never make it to bed before midnight and my mornings are a hurried rush. I am so bad lately!!

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