Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Christmas Photo Essay

Christmas has come and gone. The newly aquired items are still sitting around my house waiting for me to find them a home. We had a very busy holiday this year. This was our first Christmas living in the same state as both sets of parents, so it made for a busy Christmas Eve/Christmas. I sort of have mixed feelings about it all. We had a fun time, but it just felt so rushed and busy. I was exhausted! Some would say "that's Christmas", but I'm not sure it's the kind I want. Part of me wants peace, quiet, and my little family. Sure, it's nice to do SOMETHING, but maybe not EVERYTHING. Hmmm. I'll get it all figured out.
We DID have a happy Christmas, as documented here:
The Sunday before Christmas-always so adorable!

Christmas Eve at Pop and Grama Nettes' house (my parents)
Our own little Nativity story...notice the shepherd (Conner) behind Mary (Makenna)
"Mary" got tired of being whacked with the shepherd's crook.
"Twas the Night Before Christmas..."

"Mom Journals"-They LOVED the idea!
Christmas day we went to Russell's parents' house and were able to bring Tyler and Mariah.

As I said-we did have a very merry Christmas. I'm so thankful that I'm able to spend time with my family. That my children are close to, not only their grandparents, but their great grandparents, as well. I'm grateful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for my knowledge of Him, His life, and His atonement. I say these things...
oh, wait, nevermind.

Oh, yeah, a word about pomegranites. YUMMY! I even learned how to deseed them without making a mess. Yet another photo journey...
Aren't they just pretty, anyway?
So, you first cut off the top with the little "top" on it. Then you sort of score the whole thing all the way around. Like slice down the sides, but not all the way through. I need better pictures...

Then you soak it for about five minutes in cold water.

Then you take it out, and it pulls right apart where you scored it. The seeds just pop right out. I literally had no mess, except the cutting board. So easy, but I should've taken more pictures.
Then you eat 'em. I say again-YUMMY!


Gale said...

Glad you liked the pomegranite! We have been eating them nonstop. Your children look so adorable, I love the header pic. 5 all so young, you are in a busy stage of life.
I am with you on not wanting a busy Christmas. We tried to keep things simple this year and I enjoyed it more.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

That is one adorable family! The dimples make me swoon. I just love pictures of families sitting together reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. My father has a beautiful picture of his own glamorous mother (how did women of that era manage to look like movie stars all the time?) reading to her three sons. Of course we look at that picture and say, "yeah - like that ever happened again." (ooops did I say that out loud?)

Ashley said...

That is so funny, Kate! Here's a secret: we forgot to read it and put all the kids to bed! I made my husband go get them all up so we could read it before they fell asleep.

Unfortunately, it's never as perfect as the picture. Maybe that's why I love pictures so much.

Jeanette said...

Makenna is looking a lot like you these days!

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