Friday, December 5, 2008


Last night it happened again.
I forgot something important.
The Science Fair.

Chandler is in 5th grade and this was his first Science Fair. For some reason my brain told me that it was tonight (Friday) when, in fact, it was last night. Chandler remembered about 40 minutes late. We raced to the school and they were locking it up. We missed it.

He handled it really well. He just sort of pouted out his lip and was quiet. He was over it in the 45 seconds it takes us to get home, but I wasn't. It frustrates me so much. It was on my calendar, you know. I think I'm crazy.

Don't get me wrong-I remember lots of things every day. I just don't talk about those things, I guess. The few things I forget tend to stick with me longer.

So, I'm still working on a solution for this issue. Any suggestions?
(I haven't forgotten that I've used this picture before-it's my logo!)

1 comment:

shawni said...

Oh I so feel your pain! At least I'm not alone! Thanks for saying hi!
Love, Shawni

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