Friday, November 7, 2008

Shame on Me!

Ok, I'm repenting for my bad attitude. When I posted my last post, I was hoping for some comments on how some of you out there have learned to cope after a move. My dear cousin, Brittany, was the only comment I recieved. Thanks, B. So- after a good visit with Grandmama (my maternal grandmother) I've decided everything is going to be OK. She told of how she cried for a solid year after moving to Springfield from Louisiana. She explained how she didn't start feeling better until she stopped comparing the two. She grew to love Springfield. It's so easy to focus on the rats, but you know what? Springfield had summer slugs. Yes, slugs. Some nights my dog would go out to go potty and would come back in with a slug stuck on his fur. Gross. I even stepped on one or two...or three. I hated slugs.

That felt good. I HATED SLUGS!

My dear husband says that, if I'd like, I can take the first few days of Thanksgiving break every year and go back to Silver Dollar City. (They start their Christmas season in early November) Our kids have a full week off for Thanksgiving, so we could go and still be back for the Holiday. That makes me happy.

So, with new resolve I face my new world. I'm determined to find all of the good things about this town. Here's two: I'm only about 25 minutes from the temple, and there's a church book store.

I love the church book store.

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Nicole said...

Ashley...I appreciate your candor and your confession of perhaps not loving the place you live right now. There are always pros and cons to each place we call home. I'm glad you've been able to find some good things in Texas, and I'm sure you'll find that in time, there will be more things to add to your list. :)

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