Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Rats

Should I be talking about the elections? Maybe. But I'll be honest with you. It's 8:35 pm at my house. Right now, based on the states that have reported, Barack Obama has 49.89% of the vote and John McCain has 49.17% of the vote. However, based on these votes, Barack Obama has 175 electoral votes and John McCain has 61. That ain't right. It makes me cranky, so I'm not going to talk about it.

So, I'm going to talk about me and my issues. We moved to Texas in January of this year. When we moved here I was really gung ho about it. Hold up-let me tell you where I came from. Springfield, Missouri is a city of about 130,000. That includes the small suburbs. We had seven wards and one branch in the area, plus a singles ward. The closest Temple was in St. Louis. We were the biggest city for about 2 1/2 hours in any direction. Springfield is beautiful. We had all four seasons there. We had wildlife, forest trails to walk, big back yards... (see pics below)

Springfield Back yard (Yes, my children all have guns. Never fear-they're cap guns)

New Back yard-sorry it's dark, but you can see the patio and the fence.

...and affordable gas (relatively speaking-I hear it's $1.87 there right now. It's about $2.28 here.) We had lightning bugs in the summer (and some mosquitoes, but I'm listing the good right now) and an occasional snow in the winter. We were about 35 minutes from Branson-shows, water parks, Silver Dollar City. Tourist town-lots of fun stuff. I loved it there. It was home for 13 years. So-why move?

My husband is from Texas. His family is all still here, including his two oldest children. That was a big factor. Let me say that Russell never would have forced this move on me. I was all for it. I guess I thought I was ready for a change. (Eek-all of a sudden the word "change" bugs me-maybe it has something to do with the elections...) Anyway, and I'm exposing my naivety here, but I expected everything here to be bigger and better. It's a much bigger place after all, the Dallas area. MUCH bigger. But you know what? It's not. Better, that is. I can't find a decent pumpkin patch to go to. I can't find anything to do for Christmas. This is what I'm used to. I can't find anything that even compares. It's November and it's 80 degrees outside! What about fall? And, oh my, listen to this story:

About a month ago, the kids were in bed, it was about 9:30 pm, and Russell and I were visiting in our room. All of the sudden Caden and Carter came running in yelling "There's a rat! A dead rat!" Russell and I went to check it out. About half way to the boys' room we started to smell it. I can't even put that smell into words. Let me just say that we had to breathe through our mouths. So, sure enough, we get into the bedroom and there's Sinda, one of the dogs, sitting all casual on the floor with a DEAD RAT on the floor in front of her! She was so proud. We rushed the boys out of the room and cleaned up. There was no blood, but we disinfected EVERYTHING and Febreezed the heck out of that room. I can't even tell you the disgust I felt, knowing I had a rat in my house. Nobody told me there were RATS here! Since then, including tonight which prompted this rant, I have occasionally seen rats running across the street as I pulled to my driveway. It gags me.

Moving on from the rats. All of the Halloween festivities here are held during the day. Yes, you read that right, during the daylight hours. Weird. Even Carter said "Why would they want to trick or treat during the day?" (Discussing the big hoo ha downtown Halloween thing). I don't know, son, I don't know.

I could go on and on. Even some church activities...

I'm just homesick, I guess. Would I move if I had it to do over? I don't know. I felt like it was the right thing to do, and some good has come from it, but I'm homesick.

Secretly, or not so secretly, I'm hoping to go back when Russell gets out of school...

Until then, I've got to try to find the good. I've got to try to make the best of it all...except the rats. I mean seriously. I gave up lightning bugs for rats?


Thompson Family said...

Texas isn't my favorite place to live either...but I remind myself sometimes that there are certainly worse places. At least you live so close to family. Family always makes a place feel like home! We love you all. We should all go down to the zoo together sometime. I have been dying to take my kids!

Bray said...

Cute post....I mean you wrote it well, not that your angst is cute. We lived in the Dallas area for a while and I understand. When we decided to move to Oklahoma I thought it was going to be an extension of Dallas but noooo, we have lightning bugs, pumpkin patches and big yards. I LOVE it here.
Before here we moved 5 times so I knew very well that not all living locations are created equal. Try to enjoy your time there...live in the now and you may have your best experiences there. We lived in NewYork for a while and all the transplant mothers there complained and wanted to get out. I tried to live in the now and enjoy the differences. I didn't have grass, a yard or fun places for my kids to run and play but we tried to grasp the joy of taxi-cabs and museums and Broadway shows. Everywhere I went everyone thought I was the nanny....mothers all work there I guess. It wasn't ideal but we have great happy memories there.

Ashley said...

Thanks, Gale! (Can I call you by your first name?)

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of Branson attractions aren't there? Probably a lot more things to do and much closer than here in Dallas!

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