Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wanting to be cool but showing my ignorance

I so wanted to create some cool buttons for people to put on their blogs. Can't do it. Don't know how. I don't know enough about HTML and all that jazz to create one. So, in order to fulfill my desires, I've created these pictures. You can just save them to your computer,and then add them as a gadget to your sidebar, then add a link to my blog. Lame? Maybe. But it makes me feel cool and with it.
Onto more important matters. Today is General Conference day. I love this day. I love the opportunity to hear from the leaders of the Church. I love to be able to lay around in my PJs all day long and still do what I need to do. I love to help my children learn the names and faces of all the General Authorities. Admittedly, it is often a somewhat loud and crazy affair, but it undoubtedly brings the spirit of the Lord into my home. For that I am grateful.
On this day I've been thinking about Stephanie Neilson (Nie Nie) and her husband Christian (Mr. Neilson). I have been reading her blog here, and getting updates on her sister's (Courtney's) blog here. Truly an amazing family. I am in awe of their strength and the love they have for one another in their family. I can say, in all sincerity, that Stephanie Neilson is one of the most amazing women I have ever known (or known of, I should say, since I've never actually met her). Through her blog, she touched the life of women all over the world. In August, if you haven't heard, she and Christian were in a plane accident. Christian is in a rehab facility, and Stephanie remains in critical condition in a chemically induced coma. She has a long way to go, and I pray for them both every day, as well as their families. Through this tragic experience, her example is now reaching more people than ever. I wonder if she will ever know the impact that her little blog has had on people like me. She makes me want to be better. A better mom, a better wife-the red lipstick kind. You'll have to read to figure that one out. She has been, and continues to be, an inspiration. Today President Monson spoke about change. About enjoying each and every moment of our lives. About not waiting for the day when "you can do all the things you want to do." Live now. Love now. Change is constant, and we must strive to focus on making today the best that it can be. This is a lesson that I think was given just for me. I, however, don't think that it is a lesson that Stephanie Neilson needs. At living, loving, and striving to make every day its best-she excelled. I pray for you today, Stephanie and Christian.
My message is President Monson's. Live today, love today, for change will come soon enough.
In case you are wondering-as an LDS blogger, I will sometimes throw out mormon lingo. I will always try to link it to something that will explain it, but if you'd like more info, check out the button on the right. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Have a nice day.

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