Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Piano

This is my piano. Let me tell you about it. I've never played piano, but my grandmother had a beautiful grand piano and played all of my life. (She was an opera singer!) Here she is last year, playing with a couple of my kids at our house in Missouri.
So, I've always wanted to play the piano, and, as a singer, it would be beneficial for me as well. People always assume I play the piano because I sing. I WISH! Anyway, grandma made my dad play as a child, he hated it, quit, and nobody else in my immediate family has ever played, so the only piano access I had growing up was at grandma's house. When I got married I knew I wanted my kids to play the piano. Alas, a piano is an expensive piece of furniture. Fortunately, when my dad was a Bishop he called and said "Hey, they're auctioning off one of the old church pianos. Why don't you put in a bid?" I laughed and said "OK, but all I can afford is $100". Dad suggested that I bid $103, just in case someone bid $100 and someone else bid $101 and someone else bid $102. So I did. About two months later I got a phone call stating that we had "won" the piano! Holy cow, I was so excited! I'll admit it's not the prettiest thing in the world. Allow me to show you a couple of pictures...
This is our awesome Medusa head and frog head, along with some squiggles and such.

This is our bench. I've only re nailed the bottom on twice!

This is a sample of the glorious finish. I believe it was smooth and shiny once.

Isn't it lovely? Well, I love my piano, because I have a piano. My Chandler sits down to play and it makes me so happy. I'm going to keep practicing and get good myself. I've just started to teach Carter, but haven't been very good to make him play yet. OK, let me explain that. I've never had piano lessons, but I sing, I played the saxophone and the flute (can't anymore, so don't ask) and took music theory classes, choir, etc. etc. So I can read music. I had Chandler in real piano lessons in Missouri, but haven't really had the money since we moved, so I've just kept it going myself. I've decided that, money or no money, my kids are going to play the piano, so I'm teaching them myself. I want them to be good enough to play in priesthood meetings, or for their families, but they don't have to be concert pianists. I think I can pull that off on my own.

And that's the story of my piano. One day I hope to have a beautiful piano. One with no chipped keys and no pictures carved in the sides. Maybe I'll even have a house big enough for a grand! At least a baby grand. Awesome. But for now, I have a piano. And I am thankful.

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