Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Elephant Never Forgets

Something happened to me when I started having kids. Or to my brain, anyway. Before I got pregnant (the first time) I could remember things. Then, when I was pregnant and couldn't remember anything, people said "Oh, I did that too when I was pregnant. Luckily it gets better after the baby comes." You know what? All those people lied to me. It's gotten worse with each pregnancy and now it's just here to stay because my youngest is 2 1/2 and I'm NOT pregnant! I can't remember things. Oh, I can remember things that aren't important, but it's mostly appointments and such that I'm talking about. Things like...

1) Visiting teachers call: "Can we come and see you in the morning?" "Sure" I say. BUT-by morning I've forgotten all about that and so I take off to play for the day, only to come home to a sweet note from my faithful VTs. "Sorry we missed you!" They're so nice they don't even blame me for skipping out on them.

2) Dance lessons, allergy shots, dentist appointments, doctor appointments, etc.

3) And this one has me all traumatized because it just happened tonight... OK, Carter turned 8 and is planning to be baptized in November. So he had his "interview" appointment with the Bishop tonight. You guessed it! I forgot! Now, my dad was a Bishop once and there are two things I vowed never to do. 1. Call the Bishop at home unless it was an emergency. 2. Stand him up when I have an appointment. I STOOD HIM UP! That is so uncool. It makes it look like I don't think his time is important. Oh, how horrible I feel.

So I totally broke the "Bishop Oath" #2. So then I had to break #1 in order to apologize. How embarrassing.


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