Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

When I was five years old I was in my first show. I was a gingerbread cookie, locally cast, for the touring company of "Hansel and Gretel". (The Opera) As a child I would walk up and down the street, knocking on doors and asking "Can I sing for you?" All through my younger schooling I took part in different shows with the Phoenix Childrens Theater. In highschool I was Cinderella in "Into the Woods" (One of my favorite shows ever, although I really wanted to be the witch), and I was part of a touring performance company called "Sound Celebration" and traveled to California and Hawaii. After highschool I joined the cast of "The Promise" in Branson, Missouri. (It's a Broadway-style musical based on the life of Christ-fabulous!) That's where I met Russell. Here's a picture:
He played Satan, in case you're wondering about his strange costume. I played several different roles. (That story isn't really centered around women.) We got married and started our family. Chandler and Carter each had a turn playing the newborn Savior.
Chandler in "The Promise" and Carter in our Christmas show called "Two From Galilee". (A fictional account of what happened with Mary and Joseph up to the birth of Christ.) In this show Russell was one of the wisemen. I played Hannah-Mary's mother.

And then it happened...

I quit. I wanted to raise my family. I wanted to focus my time on my little ones. I didn't want to have to do two shows a day, six days a week anymore. So I quit. Do I regret it? I don't think so. I believe with all of my heart that being a mother is the greatest calling on earth. But there are times when I long to be on stage. There are shows that make me truly yearn for that feeling again. Some are old, some newer, but there are certain roles I want to play. Really want to play. Here are two of them:

Elphaba (the green one) in "Wicked" and Fantine in "Les Miserables"
A dream that, although it seems somewhat dormant sometimes, is ever present if I acknowledge it. Do you have any dreams like that? That, at one time, seemed so within reach, but then you had to let them go for something greater? I still dream. I think that's a good thing. I hope to start performing again as my kids get a little older. Maybe three or four more years. That would be good. Until then I blast these shows on my IPOD and sing with all the emotion I would have on stage. Sometimes my kids think I'm crazy. That's OK, I guess. It'll have to do.


Bray said...

LOVE both these plays. My girls have all the music memorized.

Kristy said...

Those are the 2 roles I have wanted to play. I would even take Eponine, if possible!

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