Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cost...

You know, having children is very expensive. Of course, you sort of anticipate the food, diapers, clothes, stuff like that. It's the school stuff and extra curricular stuff that'll kill you. I have, as surely most of you know, five children. Before we moved to Texas we had Chandler in piano lessons. We also did things like soccer as they came along. Come to find out, my children weren't all that into "team" sports, so when we moved here we decided to try karate. That they loved, all three of them. Unfortunately, as we lived here and realized how much more everyday items are here, and how bleepity high the taxes are here, we had to drop that for now. We also haven't started piano up again. I'm trying to keep it up myself, though. Get a load of this: I couldn't even put Makenna is preschool! It's too expensive. So-we're "pre-school home schooling". Whatever. That's lame. Too make up for it, I did enroll her in a dance class once a week. It gives her something to do and she loves it.

OK, so school lunches cost $1.80 a day per child. That's $5.40 per day for the three boys at school. That's $27 a week. That's $108 a month. That makes me cringe. So, now I'm trying my hand at the old "take a lunch from home" game. I hate this game. I'm trying to get the boys to do it themselves in the evening, but they still need guidance. I wonder, though, if it's really going to be cheaper. Hmm. We'll see. So that's lunch.

I don't know what the deal is but this school is sending home a request for money at least once a week. Seriously. And, field trips here are averaging double what they were in Springfield. What's up with that? They made us buy a recorder and book, there's Scholastic Book Orders, fundraisers, walkathons I'm supposed to pledge money for and RIDICULOUSLY expensive school pictures. Come on, they're not even that good, people! In Springfield I paid $11 and got 1 8X10, 2 5X7, and like 30 of the little tiny ones they trade at school. That was perfect because I got the 8X10 and each set of grandparents got the 5X7s. (I do get "real" pictures taken fairly regularly for everyone, as well) Here, check this out, the SAME package was $42!! Holy mackerel! I don't have $123 to spend on school pictures! So, for the first time, I didn't buy them. It makes me sort of sad, even though they're rarely any good. I got a note home today about the fifth grade field trip to some place called "Sky Ranch" in the spring. $185. Gulp. "How'd ya like to go Sky Ranch fer yer Christmas present, son?"

So, as I said, having children is expensive. Really expensive. No doubt they are the joy of our lives, but my goodness. As I type, it's 7:35 p.m. and my sweetheart, who has no time for dinner on these school nights, is sitting in class, trying to take us a step closer to not having to worry so much about it. He'll be home about the time I crawl into bed.

He's a good man, you know.


Kristy said...

I hear ya sister!

We buy microwave dinners when they are on sale, this week they were 10 for $10. Michelina's alfredo's are their favorites. Maybe that will help them want to take a lunch from home?

This year for Christmas, we are doing Christmas experiences, instead of toys. So I am going to spend money on lessons, or sports, or art camps. That helps combine, 2 for the price of one.

I can't wait to not worry about money anymore. Unfortunately that is a long way off it seems like!

I really wish we lived near each other. Our school lunches are free, want to move to Phoenix?

Shauna said...

We have 3 teenage boys so I totally hear you! Love your blog :)

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