Monday, September 8, 2008

Eulogy From Pop (my dad)

Dallas was a good dog. He died in the town he was named for. I'm sure he felt proud to have had the chance to see a little bit of Dallas Texas during his lifetime. He did not like the freezing weather back in Springfield, MO. I think of all the dogs I've known, Dallas was my favorite. He had a calm mature demeanor which for me was unusual for any dog. He liked me. He used to jump up on the couch to sit by me without begging for me to pet him. He just wanted to sit by me. He was probably the biggest coward you could find. Everything scared him and I don't think he much liked the children to mess with him. He never snapped at anyone unless you really provoked him. He did not have an anoying bark and did not even bark much at all. He loved to fetch his toys. He was really fast to return them to you when you threw his toys down the hallway. He even got to the point where he would drop the toy for you to pick it up, but as soon as you tried to pick it up he would grab it away from you. If you were very fast you could snatch the toy and then he would go crazy waiting for you to throw it again.
Dallas was my friend and I am glad I finally got to know a dog I really liked. I will miss the old boy, but I will always remember that one good dog who liked me.


Thanks Pop, I love you.

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