Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Fantasy

Here's another secret: I long to be a "Utah Mormon". Some will think me mad, others may scratch their heads in wonder, still others will think "Right On". I love the mountains. Having spent many years in Phoenix, that is one thing I really miss. I long to be able to take some fall afternoon and go to wander around Temple Square. There's a temple here, but no visitors' center and the grounds, though beautiful, are very small. I want to be surrounded by people who, for the most part, share my beliefs and values. I want to be a goofy BYU fan. I want to have the opportunity to sing and perform at, and for, church "functions". (THERE'S a mormon word) I could go on. I know that a move to Utah wouldn't solve all issues and in no way guarentees "good" behavior in kids, but I just like the feel of it. Oh my heck, right?

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