Friday, August 22, 2008

Count your blessings

Tonight I've been reminded of how truly blessed I am. I knew it before, deep down, but sometimes, I admit, I forget. Last week we found out that Caden is allergic to fire ants. For those of you who don't know, Texas is probably the fire ant capital of the world. OK, maybe not, but there are tons. So, what does that mean? It's pretty much like being allergic to bee stings. Basically, it's incredibly dangerous, deadly even. So, I'm now the proud owner/constant carrier of an EpiPen. A huge, ballpoint pen-shaped shot of Epinephrine. The good news is that it's almost always a curable allergy, after five years of allergy shots. So I was trying to feel sorry for myself (and Caden). Then we got a letter from the school telling us of a child in his class who is allergic to peanuts. It brought me back down to earth and made me actually be thankful that it's fire ants and not peanut butter. That would be so much harder. So, that was my first little "Be Grateful" moment. Then tonight, as I was catching up on my blogging, I came across the story in my cousins blog of Nie Nie. She is a fellow blogger, I believe in Mesa, Arizona, and was recently in a private plane crash with her husband and his flight instructor. The flight instructor passed away at the hospital, but Nie Nie and her husband are still fighting. It will be a long road, but from what I gather, I think eventually they will be OK. In the meantime, her sister, also a blogger, CJane, is keeping their children for them. How wonderful is family? Again, I have been brought to my knees in gratitude for the blessings of a loving Heavenly Father. He knows our pain, He knows our needs and He hears our prayers. I am adding my prayers for their family and hope that they will be alright. "Be Grateful". There is so much to be grateful for.
Be Not Afraid by Greg Olson

Please help Nie Nie's family if you can!!!

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